C J Unplugged ~


Came on the Scene:   
August 23 (“It was 1970 somethin’”) in Minneola, Kansas. Grew up in Central City, Nebraska (pop. 2,800).

My Mom and Dad:   
Gil and Anne Larsen (my Dad was a pastor forever and my mom has been his awesome right hand)

2 OLDER Sisters:  Sheri and Deb (Yes, I’m the baby!)

            Ally – January 1993
            Austyn – January 1995
            Alyx – February 1997
            Aaryn – February 1999

Graduated from:
Colorado Christian University in 1992 with a degree in Psychology and Communications. Have led Praise and Worship for various churches, ladies retreats, conferences. Was the lead female vocalist in the Christian band “Run With It” for 8 years.


A recent candid interview with CJ...

One of my favorite memories:
“Standing in the bandstand in North Park and pretending to sing to hundreds of people!”

Most memorable performance as a kid:
“Singing at Bethesda Care Center (the town’s nursing home) every month or so with my sister Deb playing the ONE song she knew on the piano “Great is Thy Faithfulness”  What a captive audience!!

Favorite thing to eat:
“My best friend (Rebecca)’s red chile enchiladas!!  YUM YUM YUM

Best thing I make:  “KIDS!”

Someone I highly admire:
“My Grandma Larsen.  She just celebrated her 90th birthday!  She was a hard worker, conscientious, and fair.  She raised 2 boys and 2 girls (just like me!) She loves her family and God….and she loves to eat! (just like me!)

Traits I dislike in people:
“Cockiness and the need to gossip --- because I heard a rumor that I was the best!” :)

Favoite colors:
“I love the Fall colors:  forest green, burgundy, terra cotta – they make me feel warm and cozy”
Where would I escape to? “Zurich, Switzerland…cool, cool place.”

Favorite ice cream:
“Any chocolate with lots of NUTS”

Favorite movie:
“The Princess Bride”

Favorite book:
“What’s a book?  Oh wait, my favorite book is the Bible and of course my music book”

Where have you traveled to?
“49 of the 50 states – still waiting for that ticket to Hawaii :)” Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovakia

Beef or Chicken: 
“Chicken” Hot or Cold. “If we’re talking coffee – either” Sandal or boots: “Yes!”

Best trait I learned from my Dad:

Best trait I learned from my Mom:
“The importance of spending time with your friends. Especially over a cup of coffee”

Trait I want my children to learn from me: 
“compassion towards people”

Most embarrassing moment: 
“Oh, where do I start?”

If you were sent to exile on an island in the Pacific, what 3 things would you take: 
“My guitar, my best friend, and a Starbuck’s shop”

The most profound thing I’ve experienced about God: 
“His incredible and enduring faithfulness”

Favorite Verse: 
Zephaniah 3:17  “The Lord your God is with you.  His is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”




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