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  The RAMS-Pro Guarantee RAMS-Pro
Empowerment Tools
RAMS-Pro has faster access

Given the same amount of data in a similar process, when it comes to access and processing your information, RAMS-Pro will out perform all competitive products. Faster processing mean less time spent waiting on the computer and higher productivity. Faster access equates to faster answers and better customer service.


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RAMS-Pro is more flexible

RAMS-Pro’s popularity goes beyond waste into industries such as pool maintenance, secured document destruction, newspaper delivery and even municipal water and sewage. Although we do not specifically design for these industries, our User Empowerment Tools allows these companies to conform RAMS-Pro to their unique business practices. When asked why they chose RAMS-Pro, most act like they’ve discovered the goose that lays golden eggs, a product that gives them more power and flexibility than software designed specifically for their industry.

RAMS-Pro has more depth

Our Work Order/Work Flow system is a prime example of our comprehensive product depth. Competitors often use a simple entry screen and print form as a Work Order system. Comparing this with our Work Order/Work Flow system is like comparing an old bi-plane with the Space Shuttle. Some say the bi-plane gets me where I need to go, and that’s true. But, wouldn’t you rather get the view from outer space along the way? Our users have gotten used to it.

RAMS-Pro continues to improve efficiency

Twenty five years in business has given us the time and experience to build our product around the “best business practices” of hundreds of waste professionals worldwide. We stand on the shoulders of these experts who have given us the direction and feedback to make RAMS-Pro the practical and efficient user interface that it is. This process never ends. If your way of efficiently doing business leads us to product improvements, we’ll incorporate those changes in RAMS-Pro and that upgrade is yours for free.

RAMS-Pro provides on-time billing

If for some reason your billing is delayed by more than 24 hours due to any product deficiency, our entire team will work with you around the clock to solve the problem and get the billing out ASAP.

We guarantee data integrity on upgrades

You will never have to reenter your data or personalized settings on futures upgrades. Alpine’s development team makes sure that every possible piece of data is brought over to your new upgrade and that User Empowerment unique business settings are retained.

Our low price guarantee

If you find a product with the same functionality as RAMS-Pro that costs less, we will match their price and give you an additional 10% discount.

It’s your business so we guarantee it!

Alpine Technology Corporation can make these claims and provide guarantees because it has a track record of successfully providing a high level of service excellence for over 25 years.


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