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Visual On-Route

Save on fuel and labor costs
On-Route warns the driver if a service is missed or out of sequence preventing costly return trips. And the Navigator route service map display cuts the learning time for new and temporary drivers.
Improve driver productivity
The driver sees exactly where to go and what to do next. The Navigator map shows the real-time truck position on the route with images that show service type and status. Standard pickups automatically record date, time and location for "proof of service", while problems can be recorded by simply touching the Service Exception buttons.

Connect the office and the driver
On-Route continuously reports truck position and service status to the office while dispatched service changes are quickly sent to the truck computer. The Dispatch Desk displays service status, and can split routes or re-route to cover breakdowns
Increase driver safety
No more missed cell phone calls or forgotten instructions to distract the driver while trying to navigate traffic. Message Manager provides instant text messaging displayed on the map next to the service location.

Reduce customer service calls
Customer Service representatives report that half the calls are asking when they will be serviced. Now customers can go to the Online Customer Service Manager to see service times, delays and even the reason they were missed. Here they can have the option to re-schedule the service.
Lower truck maintenance costs
On-Route uses GPS to continuously record truck acceleration, speed and braking data. Route playback reports provide color coded driving profiles to show how adjusting driving habits can reduce wear and tear on the truck.

Designed and backed by industry leader, Alpine Technology

On-Route has been specifically designed from the start to meet the special demands and harsh environments of the Waste Industry. Our design team evaluated the actual driving conditions and observed the challenges faced by drivers. As with all our Waste Management Technology solutions, we continue to research ways to improve On-Route to help businesses become more efficient.

Total integration is a key factor to saving valuable time in the office. On-Route talks directly with our premiere waste office management system, Visual RAMS-Pro, to automatically produce route lists including up to the minute changes and dispatches. It also takes care of billing extra services and notifies the proper personnel to resolve service issues. Combine the time saved in the office and on the route to that of fuel and maintenance, and you'll find an exceptionally quick return on investment and faster profitability.

Another Solution - Handheld Route and Service Information. RAMS-Pro CE puts information in the hands of those who need it most. Sales reps and route supervisors are just some of the field personnel who will benefit. Scheduled tasks are downloaded while service problems are resolved or forwarded to the right person. All resolution actions including photos are synced with the office system. See HERE.

The table below provides the ability to evaluate the importance of each On-Route feature. Score a 1 for not important and 10 for very important. The last column is provided to compare another product.

On-Route feature Rating Other
Moving map helps driver navigate the route and clearly see service images    
Map calculates and shows shortest route between stops    
Driver is warned about "out of sequence" and missed pickups    
Service proximity sensing automatically records normal service    
Records date, time, speed, bearing and signal quality every second    
Driver can re-sequence pickups    
Driver can record "Not Outs"    
Definable Exception buttons that trigger automatic office system billings    
Exception buttons that notify a person/department to resolve service issue    
Driver can photograph service issues    
Photos can become part of customer's account    
Online Customer Service website approximates service time    
Online re-scheduling for problem services    
Absolute proof of service to eliminate billing disputes    
Download all routes so trucks can be redirected to help with other routes    
Up to the minute dispatches sent to the route    
Service Point Instant Messaging (service dispatches, etc…)    
General Instant Messaging (landfill closed, road conditions, etc…)    
Office Dispatch Desk shows truck location and service status    
Dispatch Desk allows instant re-routes    
Dispatch Desk can be viewed remotely even when out of office    
Multiple users can view Dispatch Desk    
Speed zone reports show driving profiles and reduce maintenance costs    
Productivity & Profitability reports    
Integrates fully with office system    
Designed specifically for the Waste Industry    
Length of time the software developer been in business    
Uses common off-the-shelf products instead of proprietary hardware    
Environmentally Rugged Equipment    
Lowest Hardware Price    
Lowest Software Price    
Lowest Maintenance Cost    
Total Score    
Score: 100 to 149 - Further evaluation; 150 to 199 - Good candidate; 200+
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